Save the Lives of Animals by Fostering Shelter Pets During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Not ready to commit to owning a dog or cat for the life of the animal? Staying home and have some extra time on your hands right now during the Covid-19 pandemic? 

If you answered yes to either of the above, then fostering a rescue animal might be the perfect solution for you. 

Unfortunately, animal shelters and rescues all across the country have been forced to drastically scale back operations due to this pandemic.  The consequence of these closures falls upon hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs, cats, and other animals (horses, small creatures, etc) as brick-and-mortar shelters are no longer able to house most, if any, of these animals any longer. Shelter employees are being sent home and volunteers are being told to not come in for shifts. Understandably, any surplus of valuable personal-protection-equipment (PPE) at animal shelters are being donated to hospitals.  The result? Dogs and cats can no longer remain inside physical animal shelters and need to be placed into foster homes. In a perfect world, these animals would skip foster altogether and be adopted into loving, forever homes. In the meantime, foster homes are invaluable right now. 

Yesterday, a Southern California animal rescue told me that shelters in SoCal are inundated with dogs right now. There’s been a large increase in the number of people dumping their dogs and cats at shelters.   Many dogs and cats are being euthanized and rescues are at intake capacity.  

If you’re considering fostering an animal, please hear me on this – now is the time. Hundreds of thousands of shelter animals need you.  Distraught and desperate animal shelter employees need you to take these animals into your homes and care for them during this time. In several states, animal shelters can no longer operate as usual. 

I hope Covid-19 Pet Foster will help you connect with animal rescues in your area. Please apply directly with the animal rescue that you’re interested in volunteering with.   

Covid-19 Pet Foster was created for the purpose of helping animals during this awful pandemic.  If you find this website useful, please share the link with your friends and family! Help us empty the shelters and get animals fostered (and adopted)! 

Stay healthy & safe!